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In 2015, 52% of mobile phone users enabled push notifications. Additionally, data on more than 10 million push notifications indicates that they can garner up to a 40% click through rate. This shows that the most effective way to market to individuals is through push notifications, more so than email and online advertising. (Kahuna 2015)

BevCarts Administration Panel allows course managers to send push notifications to golfers about specials or events (available on the desktop or mobile).

While this may be appealing, the accompaniment of this ability, with the purchase history of individual golfers and inventory levels, allows food and beverage managers to send customized specials to individual golfers. Course managers no longer need to figure out how or what to market, the BevCarts Administration Panel does it for them.

BevCarts Administration Panel can be used to advertise:

  • Specialized offers to golfers

  • Send mass push notifications to all golfers on the course

  • Send mass push notifications to those who have liked your course in the BevCarts app.

  • Choose specifics deals for specific dates or events

  • Build relationships with customers

  • Boost sales of specific products


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