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The free BevCarts App gives golfers control of their experience and improves their course satisfaction.

Order On Demand

Golfers get frustrated waiting for beverage carts to find them. They love the convenience of placing an order whenever they want.

Easily Browse Items

Golfers can view inventory that is currently available on the beverage cart eliminating the need to ask the server if they have particular items. Ordering hot grill or pro-shop items can be enabled for courses too.

Secure Payment Options

With the BevCarts Golfer App golfers can pay through their phone with cash, credit card, private member number, or room number. The PCI compliant secure transactions ensure golfers never need to worry about handing their card to someone.


Golfers receive an instant order receipt in their email. No more searching for receipts when returning to the office after a business or sales golf outing.

Order Notifications

Many beverage cart servers will let golfers know where they will meet the golfer through a BevCarts app notification. This drastically improves the round experience and impression of the course’s services.

GPS Order Tracking

The BevCarts GPS allows golfers and course managers to see where the beverage cart is, eliminating the worrying and searching for the beverage cart server

Rate Their Service

Golfers are asked to rate their service on a scale of 1-5 stars. They love the ability to leave the feedback on servers and the course (note: only course managers see these ratings).

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