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The BevCarts suite of tools includes a robust Admin Panel, Reporting Tool, as well as a Live Dashboard of the course’s performance. With BevCarts, managing the beverage cart service is quicker and easier.

BevCarts Administration Panel can be used to administer:

  • Inventory
  • Member Numbers
  • Hotel Room Numbers
  • Beverage Cart Servers
  • Beverage Menu
  • Food Menu
  • Pro Shop Menu
  • Default Cart Inventory
  • Wait Time Warnings
  • Send App Notifications
  • ...and much more.

    The Reporting Tool offers courses a customizable way to run reports on performance such as:

  • Sales Volume
  • Sales Detail
  • Customer Sales Detail
  • Customer Order History
  • Inventory Trends
  • Depleted Inventory
  • Missing Inventory
  • Beverage Cart Server Ratings
  • Course Ratings
  • ...and other customizable reports.

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