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The easy to use beverage cart app makes delivering exceptional service so much easier for both servers and course managers.

Add Beverage Cart Inventory

Quickly add all inventory items to the cart from a “default inventory” list with a single click. Beverage cart servers can also add and remove items through the simple app interface.

Live Track Inventory

Monitor remaining beverage cart inventory via the app or through the Administration Dashboard. Some courses restock the beverage carts on the course during busy golf outings.

Return Inventory

At the end of the shift, a single click returns the inventory to stock and produces a report for servers and/or food and beverage managers. This greatly reduces the amount of paperwork needed at the end of a shift, saving the course managers money and time.

View Orders

Beverage cart servers are notified in the app each time an order is requested. They can view the order details and monitor how long orders have been waiting. Servers can maintain their route or go to the pending order ASAP. Either way, the golfer knows their order was received.

Manually Enter Orders

If the golfer doesn’t have the app, no problem, the beverage cart server can use the app and enter a “Manual” order. This removes items from the inventory and allows them to take credit card orders from their cart.

Go Unavailable / Transfer Orders

If the beverage cart server’s shift is over, they can click the “Unavailable” button to go invisible to golfers. They can also transfer all remaining orders to a different beverage cart with a single click.

Message Golfers

Beverage cart servers can message golfers through the app to let them know the status of their order. This is a one-way communication, protecting the beverage cart server’s privacy

Complete or Cancel Orders

Once orders are delivered, the beverage cart server simply clicks “Complete Order” and the golfer is immediately asked, on their app, to rate the service. If the golfer no longer wants their order, the beverage cart server can cancel the order with a single click.

Get Bigger Tips

Course managers can set an automatic percentage for beverage cart tips. Most customers keep the “recommended” amount but have the opportunity to change it. However, since people who want more frequent service are receiving faster delivery, the beverage cart server can drastically increase tips, and course revenue.

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